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Tri-Cities Road Club Ride Cue Sheets

The cues sheets contain narrative only (see note below about maps). We currently have routes from ETSU, Jonesborough, Towne Acres School, & Piney Flats.  Special interest rides include the Tennessee history rides and the Dam rides.   The number at the end of the name indicates the approximate mileage of the ride.  In addition to the TCRC rides, the KBA (click here) or (here for sheets with maps) now has cue sheets available at their web site.  Between the TCRC site and the KBA site, there should be a ride suitable for you.

The TCRC has converted most of  their cue sheets to Pdf files  The Pdf file format is a more functional format than the traditional html file format.   The Pdf file  cue sheets include touring font symbols to indicate type of intersection( )for turns and traffic controls such as stop lights and stop signs. Use a high print resolution on a laser or inkjet printer for the best quality print outs.   You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print Pdf files. If  you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the link below to download Adobe Acrobat reader.  The file you download is a self installing file.   After downloading, double click on the file name to install Adobe Acrobat reader.

Maps are now available for some routes.  These maps are contained in Pdf files.  Please note that some map files are fairly large and will take time to come up on your screen.  Due to file size issues, maps will not be available for some routes.  Use a high print resolution on a laser or inkjet printer for the best quality print outs

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Suggestions or comments about the cue sheets are appreciated. If you have a route that you would like to see added send us a narrative via email. Please note that handwritten narratives will not be accepted. Click on the envelope to send email.smiley email

Rides Leaving from ETSU
All cue sheets are PDF files unless otherwise indicated

No Mountains

Mountain Rides
("d" indicates ride crossing Buffalo Mtn. twice)

Dam  Rides

Towne Acres School

Tennessee History Rides

Images of the area


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Ride Leaving Piney Flats

Rides Leaving Jonesborough Visitor's Center (Submitted by Hal Range)

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