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Search Engines WAYBACK MACHINE: The WHOLE Internet Archive: find information that USE to exist on the Net Is the Internet down for everyone, or just me?


YAHOO! -First Class EC- new format

Lycos -General
Webcrawler-Simple, Solid
DuckDuckGo-Duck It
Bing- Search Engine Comparisons Web Directory Search Engine Guide Beaucoup- Powerfull Excite- simple HOTBOT- Precision EC Looksmart- family Ask Jeeves

Meta Searches: Multiple engines simutaniously Kartoo: graphical results Freeality Internet Search & service links, Reverse Lookups Dogpile Internet Sleuth- Colleges, Universities Momma: the mother of all search engines Surfy

People Finders


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Misc Interesting Sites

ENTERTAINMENT Internet Radio Top 100 Jukebox from Golden Years 1950-1982++ Movie database Go-Tri-Cities Got WAVes?: TV, Movie, Cartoon WAV files Songfacts, Trivia, Meanings, etc

Just Fun Sites Phobia List
Calvin & Hobbes

TRI-CITIES TN/VA REGION, CITY/GOVERNMENT- ETC Kingsport!- Jeff Fleming's Blogspot of Regional News Bristol Tennessee Bristol Virginia Johnson City Kingsport Photo Archives Kingsport- City Kingsportdotcom Kingsport Chamber of Commerce Downtown Kingsport Association Sullivan County Tennessee Business Journal
East Tennessee State University
ETSU Sherrod Library

Yahoo Weather Kingsport
NOAA, Weather NOAA Weather NOAA Climatic Data

STATE GOVERNMENT Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Kentucky Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Virginia West Virginia

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT- ETC U.S.Government Resources Federal Government main site
WWW.LOC.GOV Library of Congress of Transportation: Check for Chronically delayed flights Department of State: Travel Info. Social Security Administraion WhiteHouse IRS NonProfit Gateway: Federal Gov. Information and Services Product, Food, Drug etc Safety/ Recall Information

Government and MORE Internet Crime Complaint Center

MAPS Maps, Color Satellite View and Hybrid Maps, B&W Aerial Hybrid View Google Earth download: 3D Interface to the Planet Highway Guide, Points of Interest along your route 2/2017 Interactive topo map of United States Geological Survey PDF quadrant Topo maps Current and Historical 2/2014 USGS historical maps 7/2014 Historical Aerial and GIS maps 9/2017 Figure the distance of courses using a GMaps hack OLD Map Collection Topographical Maps
terrafly.Com Fly over any location
MapQuest.Com Maps & Tons of Data for any City,Town or Community Zillow- get value of any home by address (or whole neighborhood) Felony Spy Neighborhood Checker8/2008 Check Criminal Background by Name8/2008 Tennesse Property Owner Database
Kingsport Area Parcel Viewer 2/2019
Johnson City Area Parcel Viewer 2/2019 Tennessee Real Estate Database 2/2019 Tennessee Property Viewer 2/2019 Interactive Panoramas Hurricane Resource Center

TRAVEL City Guides Map Program Kayak: Travel Search Mobissimo: Travel Search Sidestep: Travel Search Travelocity: all purpose Expedia: all purpose Orbitz: all purpose Lonely Planet: travel propoganda OutaHere: travel Fodors: travel Bestfares: E-mail info Price comparison 01/00 American Air USAir Continental TWA posts weekend discounts on Wednesday NWA posts weekend discounts on Wednesday Links to specials Dept of Transportation: Check for Chronically delayed flights real-time flight information Good/Bad plane seat locations Airline price tracker 8/2008

NEWSPAPERS Registration Bypass for many Newspapers Bristol Herald Courier
A Country Rag e-zine of Appalachian Life and Art Elizabethton/Johnson City Star Online
www.johnsoncitypress.comJohnson City Press Kingsport Times-News Knoxville News-Sentinel The Loafer Morristown Citizen Tribune New York Times The Tennessean- Nashville
www.tntoday.comTennessee Today - Tennessee Newspapers Online USA Today Washington County Herald & Tribune Wall Street Journal AP News Wire US Newspaper List A to Z Online Magazine List Unusual News and more NC Papers online Business Week Online

Alternate News from Court TV hushed government reoport, etc left-of-mainstream

MISC REFERENCE Reference Desk 8/03 Librarians Index Internet Public Library Quotations, book references, much more Encyclopedia Britannica Merriam Webster dictionary & Thesaurus Free Dictionary Casey's Snow Day REVERSE DICTIONARY Dictionary of American Regional English Strange & Unusual Dictonaries Roget's Synonyms Word Origins Sayings and Phrases Origins Idiom Site Acronym Finder 8/03 TEXT TRANSLATOR Grammar Lessons: spelling & more. Online Touch Typing Tutor Recipe Cottage - recipe collection Everything about Beer & Ratings Craft Beer Fun Online Beer Institute- history, facts, etc. Trivia Last Words Things to Think About I Resign Dr.C.Everett Koop's health information & drug interaction database Misc Info & Almanac tidbits
Zip SkinnyUS Census Data by zip code KnowX: Freedom of Information public records, free 6pm-11am EST Universalist Way Basic Legal Documents Law For All: Basic Legal Reference Small Claims Court Reference The Law Engine: Legal references Cornell Law Shool Reference NOLO: Small business legal advice Jurors Handbook Freaky Secrets of the Presidency & More U.S. Constitution And Fascinating Facts About It No Nonsense Self Defense Fact Index 7/2008 Home Repair, etc. 3/2001 Yesterday Land 4/2001 TV Theme Songs 9/2007 Find Sound files 7/2008 Sixties City 3/2004 Bad Fads Cartoon Research 9/2003 search for multimedia files
www.simplifiedsigns.orgA Simplified sign language Free stuff please don't go there more free stuff Tutorials Typing Tutorial and test Your Decimal Birthday MoOM: Museum of Online Museums The Sweethome: the best rated stuff for your home The Wirecutter: a list of the best technology to buy Scientific American Ask an Expert How Stuff Works How Things Work How Things Work The Straight Dope: How, Why Worst Case Senarios: what to do So You Wanna . . . Useful Trivia Useless Information Stain Removal Guide Convert Units of Measurement 8/03 Misc Weather Sources Internet Etiquette Tips
Soapbox etiquitte Soapbox Internet Trolls Internet Scams Hoaxes and Rumors Snopes- Urban Legends Reference Pages Stella Awards- wild, outrageous, or ridiculous lawsuits Hoaxbusters Virus Hoax information, Hoaxes & Urban Legends VMyths Internet Fraud Watch Scambusters: Scams- online and off E-Mail Story verifyer Break the Chain Museum of Hoaxes throughout history Federal Trade Commission: E-Commerce reference to privacy, scams, ID Theft, Shopping Internet Crime Complaint Center: Cyber Criminals Most Wanted

MISC UNDERCOVER search anonymously
or place "" in front of your site visits @nonomouse: Anonomous Web Surfing Google free proxy: Anonomous Web Surfing free proxy: Anonomous Web Surfing Profaca Cyberspace Station The Codex find personal information AnyWho AnyWho- Reverse telephone search Payphone Project Site Freeality Internet Search & service links indexes thousands of databases I-Spy Software Dig up Dirt sampler PUBLIC RECORD SEARCH PUBLIC RECORD SEARCH<

Web Voyeurism: What others are searching for

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SOFTWARE Multiple Program Software Installer Tom's Unique Fonts CNet Software Library Software Library Software Library Free Software Site Free Software Collections Free Software Collections Links to free Opensource programs Free Software Site Free Graphics Site Pre Release Calendar Software Site IT PRO, Freeware, Shareware, Demos E-Mail forward mark stripper Free Software Links Freeware Files Freeware home Pricelessware Komando: Shareware Picks PAINT.NET: Free MS Paint upgrade project GIMP: Free photo-editing (PhotoShop-ish) Picasa: Free/ intuitive photo-editing and web posting FlightGear -Opensource flight simulatorb TechSoup: the Technonlogy place for NonProfits: Free & Discounted Software, Hardware and Information 3D Animation program Free Diagramming/Charting Program OpenOffice Free Suite (writer,impress,math,draw,calc,base,HTML,PDF) (~same as StarOffice) JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) needed for some web apps. Thinkfree Online: free online office suite Firebird: free database Gantt Project Mangement: free Open Workbench Project Mangement: free Open For Business: e-commerce, catalog, pomotion & pricing, order, customer, warehouse, shipping, account, mfg, content mgt & more. Firefox Browser free Thunderbird e-Mail free

MS SyncToy v1.2 for Windows XP helps you copy, move, rename, and delete files between folders and computers quickly and easily. The Ultimate Troubleshooter: trial Version free, full version $29 Free Wallpapers Free- Capture/Print any part of your desktop, a window or full screen with mouse pointer
Google SketchUp 5.24 Easy 3D Modeling- web shareable Pranks Yohoopops: Free POP3 (ie:Outlook) access to Yahoo acounts The Freesite: Software, E-accounts and more. Google OS- Linux based web apps Free Operating Systems Site (mainly Linux based) Puppy Linux MEPIS Linux: free XP alternative, runs from CD or HD Skype- Free VOIP- Voice over IP- Talk to anyone, anywhereb> IE Spell- Free, fast, Internet Explorer based Spell Checker (e.g. web mails, forums, blogs, diaries). Free and useful programs, files and links- PC & Mac
Microsoft Java Virtual Machine: missing in XP SP2 machines
Text Images from photos
FolderShare - synchronize files across multiple devices and access or share files.
Security Browser
Sleep better: Flux- turn off PC blue lights at night
Crap Cleaner clean out junk from you OS Defragment a file or your drive
FileZilla FTP client

Technical Reference and Computer

Web Site Creation References

Webopedia computer and Internet technology Dictionary
Wikipedia web Encyclopedia
Living Internet -An elegantly organized tour of the Internet
Microsoft Knowledgebase
Password Recovery
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor Good and Bad Password analysis Serial #'s & Keys
Microsoft Key Finder XP Product Key Modifyer RockXP - recover XP activation code
Windows Product Activation (WPA) on Windows XP
File Recovery/ undelete
EasyRecovery file recovery from Ontrack
Microsoft Downloads Joe's top 50 98 & ME tips Windows Tips Internet & PC Tips Win Guides Windows IT Library Tweak XP Safely Install XP MS OS Reviews, Past, current and Previews WinXP News / Tips/ Software Windows Help
www.f** Anti MS site but lots of good tech Info, some that the others won't tell you Free Network Monitoring & Management Historical list of all Microsoft product code names technical support computer, appliances, telecommunications equiptment Open Tech Support Expert Exchange Help Site Computer Manuals Answers that Work Online PC Diagnostice Event ID Identifyer Hardware Radified: Indulge Your Technolust Forevergeek: Nerds are for Dorks Mikes Hardware How Tos How To Destroy Your Computer more Hardware Paco's Drivers XP PC Tech: hardware/software/edu Belarc PC hardware/software Audit- NICE Partitioning Disks;en-us;243909 List of BIOS Mfgs: updates PCI & ISA Diagnostic Motherboard Test Card Resource Management Startup Programs Cleanup Startup programs HD utilities Troubleshoot Internet connection problems in Windows XP Configure a virtual private network (VPN) in Windows XP 56K Modem Troubleshooting Cable Modem Troubleshooting Online Speed Test Online Speed Test Online Speed Test -Nice Home Networking Home Networking Cable Modem directory Cable Modem directory Free Wireless Security Tools WPA: WI-FI Protected Access IP Address geographical location
Best Wireless Hotels Free Antennas for wireless Remote Administrator Remote Administrator Real VNC: remote control: free any platform Just Remote It: remote control: free
VNC Review Network Computing Review VNC based free remote control VNC variation with transfer: free UltraVNC free Remote Desktop Control (IG: Go TO MY PC) Remote Anything: tiny Log Me In- Free remote Desktop access My Webex PC- Free remote access Cross Loop- Free remote screen /file sharing Lite Manager remote Admin

Online Virus Scanner - free
Panda Online Virus Scanner - free
AVG Anti Virus Program - Free Virus info Avast Home Edition - free, with updates Avara Home Edition - free with rootkit scanner Google Toolbar & Popup Stopper Stop POPUP ADs Popup Stopper Popup Stopper Popup Stopper +
Stop Badware: malicious software that is sneaking onto your computer- online "Neighborhood Watch" Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner (quick detect, does not remove) AD-AWare free system cleaner Spybot Search & Destroy- free for Spyware Spycatcher Express- free spyware, rootkit stopper Spyware Information & Cleaning SpywareBlaster Spyware SledgehammerBlaster detect and remove Cool Web Search browser hijacker Bugnosis - Who's tracking you 9/2005 Mail Washer - Spam Bouncer 6/2002 Spam Cop SPF: Sender Policy Framework- The e-Mail Anti-Forgery solution Free Anti-virus, Popup Blocker, Spam Blocker, Spyware Remover, System Scan WinPatrol: Let a WatchDog check whats Starting and newly installed Rootkit Revealer GMER Rootkit finder and cleaner Securia PSI Personal Software Inspector PC Decrapifier- Uninstall OEM junkware, etc

ZTree File Management (XTree clone)
Technical Dictionary extensions, emotioncons, etc TIME Refilled Printer Cartridges Crucial Memory Kim Komando Tech Info Ultimate Boot CD Boot Floppy to CD Create Bootable CDs Boot CD FAQs Ziff-Davis Net HP Online Tech Courses Tri-Cities Computer Club Drive to Drive mirroring Use Shorter URLs Geek Test 5th Wave Tech Cartoons Geek Test Tech Tales Computer Stupidities History GPS Reference Instructional tapes Using WIFI for Phone Calls

Tri-Cities LOCAL ISPs 3rd Wave Technologies Charter Pipeline Charter Cable East Tennessee Net Mountain Net Netelos Planet Connect Preferred Net The Wire Company

Other ISPs, E-Mail, Web Page Providers America On Line CompuServe Earthlink Prodigy Free internet: dial-up: 10hrs/month - 4/2006 Free E-Mail list List of all Local ISP Providers Internet Search for DSL in your area Search for DSL and Cable Providers

Mail2Web Pop E-mail account checking
MailStart Pop E-mail account access

Computer Security Secure VPN to public WIFI routers Hide My Ass free Web Proxy HotSpot Shield free VPN to public WIFI routers Security vulnerabilities in more than 5000 products Top 20 Internet Security Vulnerabilities Tracking security issues MS Security Concerns Latest security exploits and opinion Various OS security holes Audit My PC - online Firewall Test, Port Scan, Spy Ware and Security Audit Test your PC security Hacker published news Home Computer Security Gibson Research firewall, security, system tester Smoothwall- opensource CD firewall Software firewall- Free Comodo Top rated outgoing Software firewall- Free Auditor Security Collection Spoof Stick- a simple browser extension that helps users detect spoofed (fake) websites Site Advisor: Check for Dangerous Sites Unusual firewall bypassing techniques, network and computer security Free Parental control bar Change your default DNS to protect you from Identity Theft and Adult sites: Free Analyze what others can see Proxy Server: mask who you are Proxy Server: mask who you are Surf through virtual tunnels anonymously Adeona: Laptop computer tracking/ TrueActive Monitor- Internet activity monitor Spector Pro- Communication monitor Loud Fat Bloke- Tools Perfect Keylogger Lite- freeware Keylogger Detector- freeware Monitoring Software Listing Wireless Network Security Tools- free Password Security strength Meter Password Crackers Default Password List for devices/programs from RedOracle PGP e-mail: how to establish email encryption policies for PGP Security and privacy awareness course -Misc IT Documentation- Institute for Security and Open Methodologies Security Mailing List Archive: Learn Security Online discussion group National Infrastructure Protection Center On Guard Online: Tips from the Federal Govt and industry Defcon hacker convention Largest Community of Security Professionals Ms Security- Keeping your system safe University of Delaware Police Computer Forensics Lab
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