Misc. Interesting or Useful Biking Links

Bicycling Commercial Links

Biking Search Engines

Bike Explorer 1/2002
Ask Mr. Bike 9/2003

Sites With Large Misc. Collections

You Just thought You Knew Everything About Bicycling
Bicycle Forrest 10/05
Bicycle Source
Bicycling Life A Web-site for Everyday Bicyclists 10/2000
Bicycle Lane links
Bicycle Guider 2/19
Chain Reaction 08/03
Cycle Events Online
Large Collection of links from GeoCities
Ken Kifer 10/2003
A True Cyclist . . .
Mining Company
NerdWorld Bicycling Links
Road Bike Rider 08/03
Sheldon Browns Articles A MUST Visit Site
Arron's Shop- Ride Your Bike a huge site 9/07
Yahoo's Bicycling Page
The Virtual Breakaway

Comics with bicycles
Yehuda Moon & The Kickstand Cyclery comic strip 10/13
Frazz often features cycling 10/13
The System often features cycling 10/13

Biking Shareware and Ride Logging & Mapping

Map My Ride- GPS your rides app & create maps 5/17
Strava- GPS your rides app & Social 5/17
Fitness Syncer consolidates devices & apps data and data transfers 5/17
Bike Journal log your cycling history, forum and more - 5/17
National Bike Challenge League of American Bicyclist annual challenge - 5/17
Scribble Maps Manually create Google map overlays, indexes, colors etc 5/17
Darren Cope : Huge Cycling Software & Site listing

Service & Repair

Sheldon Browns Articles A MUST VISIT SITE 3/99
Arron's Shop- Ride Your Bike a huge site 9/07
Bike Fitting
Bike Fitting Form
Making a Bike Fit
How to Fit a Bicycle
Colorado Cyclist -How To Fit Your Custom Bicycle
Bicycle Sizing
Wrench Science fit calculator
Bike CAD calculator
Fit Kit and others

Guide to "Women Specific" Bicycles
Choosing a Women's Bike
Finding the Perfect Bike Fit and Frame Dimension
Womens Bike Fit - Where Trouble Started then follow blog links ???
Specialized's Women's Whitepaper

Bicycle Repair
Computer Tire Size calculator
Tire Inflation Chart
Tire Pressure Calculator 8/14
Road Bicycle Tire Pressure Calculator 8/14
Spoke Size Calculating
Bike Web Site: Bicycle Repair, Maintenance & More
Keep It Quiet! : Finding and silencing annoying noises
Jim Langley: huge collection noises
Weight Weenies Compare component weights
Talcum Powder urban legend
Tire wiping
Park Tool Misc How To Articles
Rear Derailleur Adjustment
Park Tool How-Tos Bicycle Repair Videos 7/2008
Keep It Quiet Finding and silencing clicks, squeaks, clunks, rattles and other annoying noises 8/2008
Drivetrain Component Compatability Checker what mixes work or not
VeloSpec - online bikes and bike's components specifications reference. 7/2013
Component Compatability Shimano/SRAM/Camp

Safety & Law

New York Bicycle and Pedestrian Laws 7/2003
Pennsylvania Bicycle Driver's Manual 11/2000
Bicycling Street Smarts Personalized variations of this excellent manual are being used and distributed as the official manuals for at least the FL, MO, OH & PA DOT's as well as a PDF version distributed by the US DOT and it is linked as references for many other state DOT's as well and other organizations.
Bike Expert: John Adams
Bicycling Information
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Colorado Bicycle Manual
Oregon Bicyclist Manual
Tennessee Bicycle Law link 5/02
Tennessee Traffic Laws Relating to Bicyclist Knoxville
Tennessee Traffic Laws Relating to Bicyclist Johnson City MPO 3/2017
Tennessee Bicycle Law excerpts from TN Code book, 5-29-98 and Drivers Manual
Bicycling Laws and Safety Tips- Virginia DOT
Virginia Bicycle Law excerpts from VA Code book, 6-2-98 *outdated*
Some Bicycle Laws of the US
Impeding Traffic
Where to Ride
Riding Side By Side
Drive Your Bike (1954 Movie)
Bicycling Lawyer
Bicycle Commuter's Guide
Road Guardian: Report or find safety incidents, vehicles &dogs 3/2011
LAB's Dealing with Dogs 6/98
Dog Bite Law
Living Room Essays
Vehicle Detectors how to trip traffic signals
Safety Quiz, test your preception of bicycle safety

How To Be Seen

Headlight Comparison Eddies- How Bright is that Light?
Headlight Comparison 2006 LED Lights
Headlight Comparison 2016 Bike Light Reviews
Headlight Comparison MTBR Shine Off 2016
10 Best Bicycle Lights 2016 Bicycle Advisor

Cycling Science & Training & Tips

Analytical Cycling Parts weights 8/03
Aerodynamics of Cycling
Better Biking Factsheets from LAB 3/2001
Bicycle Velocity Predictions
Basic Effective Cycling
Effective Cycling for Adults
Misc. Effective Cycling Notebook Articles from LAB
International Human Powered Vehicle Association
A Gear Chart
A 700mm Gear Chart

Gear Chart + Tire sizes & more

Gearing Calculator
Spoke length calculator and Gear Chart
HowStuffworks: Bicycles
How to teach children to ride
Cyclist Inferiority
John Forrester's Page Editoralist LAB, etc.
Riding a Century (100 miles)
Riding in the Rain 4/99
Science of Cycling
Online Cycling Coach 7/2003
Misc. Notes/Tips from KBA
Saddles: Is Softer Better? 10/05
Sometimes I Forget Opinion/reflection
Ten Commandments of Bicycling
IceBike: Winter Riding Tips
Bike Winter 9/03
Calculating Road Gradient 10/04
Gradeometer Homemade 08/03
Cramps: causes and cures
Inclinometer 08/03
Bike Lighting systems
Speed Change Calculator for many Variables 12/2006
Cyclogs: British online mileage log with graphs 1/2007
Bike Journal: online mileage log and Forum
Tips for Pain-Free Cycling 2/2011
Cold Weather Cycling Clothing Chart 1/2014

Travel & Stories

Warm Showers: Touring Host Homes Listing
Bed & Breakfasts
Travelogues from Yahoo Stories and Trip Reports
Tall Tales
When Nature Calls 3/2001
Bike to Work Commuting. Supplies and product links. 3/2000
Musings from the Back of the Peleton
Coast to Coast by Recumbent Bicycle: online book 3/2001
Crazy Guy on a Bike: trip journals + 3/2006


Lance Armstrong 3/2000
An Anonymous Person's Cycling Information Page
Cycling Virtual Art Gallery from Italy : not for sale
Daisy Bell
THE RULES, well, maybe for some riders!
Bicycling Song BIG
Dictionary of Bicycle Slang
Paved Climbs of the Southern Appalachians Excellent Descriptions! dead link
Pete's Bike Index Everyting from Software to Artwork
Two Wheel Fetish On line magazine and used parts 2/99
THE Ultimate Bicycle "Computer" and Here 3/2001
U.S.Bicycling Hall of Fame
Unicycling When twos too many
Why a Bicycle Club Online Page?
You may be a Bicycle Weenie If ... Clubs, Rides & More
Chainwheel Tattoo Project: Vintage Chainring Designs 6/2006
Bike Reader: Articles, Essays & More 9/2006
A Cool and Logical Analysis of the Bicycling Menace 9/2006
Vintage Bicycle Posters: not for sale 9/2007


Burgwardt Bicycle Museum Buffalo, NY
Bicycle Museum of America New Bremen, OH
Canberra Bicycle Museum Australia
Smithsonian Magazine Bicycling Issue
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Some site Gifs courtesy of Dr.Funs Entertainment

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