Although few people like "labels", I will make an attempt to define some basic categories of road bikers. These are NOT mutually exclusive catagories and you may find any of these in most any club. Irregardless of these definitions, almost all bikers have one main goal: to have their idea of fun!

(According to Calvin's Dad "Sure, adults have fun, but they call it exercise, do it at inconvenient times, and have to put quantitative measurments on it.")


Especially while biking, ALWAYS carry identification with emergency contact and phone numbers, your blood type, allergies, special medical alerts, and insurance information. This should be carried in your bike bag or on your person (pocket, helmet, tattoo) at all times- NOT in your car. If you became unconscious or seriously injured on a ride, this emergency information could speed treatment. While many of us know our fellow riding partners, we rarely know emergency contacts or special information.

Tip: Many KBAers keep photo copies of these documents in a ziplok bag with their bike gear or in a seperate "biking" wallet.

Don't even go there!

Last update May 23,2001