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It has been many years since our last KBA Jersey (above) were printed, with numerous failed efforts to come up with a new design.

TN jersey pict

Finally, as of November 2016 we have an agreement for a new club jersey based on THIS great design from Free Spirit (details here) , but customized with Kingsport Bicycle Association on the back and down the sides like this: Here is the PDF Proof They will be relaxed club fit and available in short sleeve, and either unisex or womens cut and only $58! We needed at least 30 orders.

Start sending in YOUR orders with sizes and MONEY!

Our order has now been placed ! We expect 4- 5 weeks for us to receive the jerseys.

Since these are custom jerseys, you will not be able to exchange them if you choose the wrong size. Here is the Sizing Chart . Choose Wisely!

HINT: Take a jersey that now fits you well, lay it flat, and measure it based on the Sizing Chart above, then see which offered size is closest!

ORDERING. Once we get all orders / money in, one order will be placed for all jerseys and they will ALL be printed at one time and shipped to ONE address (mine).
They will NOT be shipped to your address. We will have to figure out a way to distribute them later.

Once our order is made and double checked/confirmed and FreeSpirit receives our check, we can expect 4- 5 weeks for us to receive the jerseys. FYI: These are made by Champion System (the same people that currently makes the TCRC jerseys)

The Jerseys are expected to ship February 24th, BUT ARRIVED FEBRUARY 23rd!

The order form will ask for your address/ phone/ email/ Unisex OR Womens cut, and SIZE. Please Don't guess on the size, use the chart above.

PRINT out one order form for EACH Jersey desired and either mail them in OR give them to Rick H. at a ride with your check made out to the Kingsport Bicycle Association.

Printable PDF Jersey Order Form

Last update February 23, 2017