Misc Search Engines and Other Info Finders

3/98 of the 320M+ estimated web pages
Hotbot indexed 34%, AltaVista 28%, Northern Light 20%, Excite 14%, Lycos 3%


Search Engines

YAHOO -First Class EC

Lycos -General

Alta-Vista -No-Frills

Webcrawler-Simple, Solid


www.beaucoup.com Beaucoup- Powerfull
www.excite.com Excite- simple
www.hotbot.com HOTBOT- Precision EC
www.infoseek.com Infoseek- all round
www.looksmart.com Looksmart- family
www.nlsearch.com NORTHERN LIGHTS- Powerful
index.opentext.net Open Text -Simple
www.snap.com Snap

Meta Searches: Multiple engines simutaniously
www.profusion.com Profusion- EC
www.metacrawler.com Meta Crawler
www.1blink.com 1Blink
www.2q.com 2Q QuickQuest
www.cyber411.com Cyber411
www.dogpile.com Dogpile
www.flycatcher.com Flycatcher
www.highway61.com Highway61
www.isleuth.com Internet Sleuth
www.mamma.com Momma: the mother of all search engines
www.surfy.com Surfy
www.webtaxi.com Webtaxi

People Finders


Other Useful Sites


Misc Interesting Sites


cnn.movies/SHOWBIZ/movies/reviews/ CNN New Movies
www.cinemas-core.com Movie Rating by Polled by Age groups
us.imdb.com/search Movie database
cnn.com/video_vault CNN Video Vault
http://tri.xtn.net/entertainment/movies.php Local Movies
tricities.websource.net Tri-Cities Websource

Calvin & Hobbes


www.bristoltn.org/directory.shtml Bristol Tennessee
www.bristolva.org Bristol Virginia
www.bec.org Bristol Electronic Community
www.johnsoncitytn.com Johnson City
kingsport.tricon.net Kingsport- City
www.kingsport.com Kingsportdotcom
www.brightridge.com/kingsport Kingsport Electronic Village
www.kingsporttomorow.org Kingsport Tomorrow
dka.xtn.net Downtown Kingsport Association
www.preferred.com/sullivan Sullivan County
www.state.tn.us Tennessee
iwin.nws.noaa.gov/iwin/tn/tn.html NOAA Weather
iwin.nws.noaa.gov/iwin/tn/climate.html NOAA Climatic Data
bjournal.com Business Journal
East TN Library Aliance
East Tennessee State University
ETSU Sherrod Library
ETSU Useful Tri-Cities Web Sites
Findit.zfx.com Useful Tri-Cities Links ZFX

Yahoo Weather Kingsport
NOAA, Weather
The Loafer

www.fedworld.gov Federal Government main site
WWW.LOC.GOV Library of Congress
www.ssa.gov Social Security Administraion
www.dos.gov Department of State: Travel Info.
www.whitehouse.gov WhiteHouse
www.irs.ustreas.gov IRS
www.nonprofit.gov NonProfit Gateway: Federal Gov. Information and Services


www.citysearch.com City Guides
www.mapquest.com Map Program

www.lonelyplanet.com Lonely Planet: travel propoganda
www.outahere.com OutaHere: travel
www.fodors.com Fodors: travel
www.travelocity.com Travelocity: all purpose
www.expedia.com Expedia: Microsoft all purpose
www.bestfares.com Bestfares: E-mail info
www.americanair.com American Air
www.usair.com USAir
www.flycontinental.com Continental
www.twa.com TWA posts weekend discounts on Wednesday
www.nwa.com NWA posts weekend discounts on Wednesday
www.air-fare.com/promos.htm Links to specials


www.m-w.com Merriam Webster dictionary & Thesaurus
www.c3.lanl.gov:8064 Casey's Snow Day REVERSE DICTIONARY
polyglot.lss.wisc.edu/dare/dare.html Dictionary of American Regional English
www.thesaurus.com Roget's Synonyms
www.drkoop.com Dr.C.Everett Koop's health information & drug interaction database
www.infoplease.com Misc Info & Almanac tidbits
www.knowx.com KnowX: Freedom of Information public records, free 6pm-11am EST
www.fastsearch.com/law/index.html The Law Engine: Legal references
www.nolo.com NOLO: Small business legal advice
www.scour.net Scour.net: search for multimedia files
www.thefreesite.com Free stuff please don't go there
www.volition.com/ more free stuff
www.zdnet.com Ziff-Davis Net
www.learn2.com Tutorials
urbanlegends.miningco.com/library/blhoax.htm Hoaxes and Rumors
vil.mcafee.com/hoax.asp Virus Hoax information


www.download.com Software Library
www.davecentral.com Software Library
www.hotfiles.zdnet.com Software Library


www.anonymizer.com/surf_free.shtml search anonymously
or place "anon.free.anonyizer.com/" in front of your site visits
www.codexdatasystems.com/codex.htmlThe Codex find personal information
www.anywho.com AnyWho
www.anywho.com/telq.html AnyWho- Reverse telephone search
www.anywho.com/telq.html AnyWho- Reverse telephone search
sorabji.com/livewire/payphones Payphone Project Site
www.freeality.com/findet.htm Freeality Internet Search & service links
www.internets.com indexes thousands of databases

www.informus.com/ssnlkup.html Dig up Dirt sampler

Web Voyeurism: What others are searching for

Metaspy unfiltered
Metaspy filtered


www.timesnews.net Kingsport Times-News
www.bristolnews.com Bristol Herald Courier
www.nytimes.com New York Times
wire.ap.org/?FRONTID=HOME AP News Wire

Tri-Cities LOCAL ISPs

www.3wave.com 3rd Wave Technologies
www.bnoc.net Blitznet Online Communication
www.xtn.net East Tennessee Net
www.globalconnection.net Global Connection
www.intermediatn.net Intermedia Cable
www.mounet.com Mountain Net
www.naxs.com Net Access
www.planetc.com Planet Connect
www.preferred.com Preferred Net
www.tricon.net Tri-Cities Connection
www.usit.net US Internet

Other ISPs, E-Mail, Web Page Providers

WWW.AOL.COM America On Line
WWW.CSI.COM CompuServe
www.netzero.net Free internet
www.emailaddresses.com Free E-Mail list
Yahoo's List of Free Web Host Sites
http://www.deathsdoor.com/ Free E-mail forwarding
thelist.internet.com List of all Local ISP Providers Internet

www.alexa.com Alexa: ISP details, 404 recovery, etc

last page update 10/22/99