Misc Web Creation Information Sites

The following are links to a few of the billions of internet sites that will provide information on how to create a web page. Some of these sites should be considered the the main authoritys since they represent THE standards organization in their areas. MORE

So You Want to Make A Web Page!
Forms Tutor
Table Tutor
Frames Tutor
Netscape 216 Color Chart

Top Fifteen Mistakes of First Time Web Designers
Top Ten Ways to Tell if You Have A Sucky Home Page
Sucky to Savvy
Web Pages that Suck

World Wide Web Consortium
Web Site Garage
Star Nine's Tutorial and Learning Guide
Guides to Writing Html Documents
Advanced Web Topics
23 Sites with Detailed info. for the HTML Developer
Web Server Benchmark
Smartest Person On the Web
Jakob Neilsen's Alertbox

Yahoo's Guide To Page Design
Ziff-Davis Web Users Supersite
NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications) Webmaster Group
Uwe's Making Yourself Html Pages

Web Interoperbility Pledge

A Few Web Page Editors

Text Editors
MS Notepad !! My main editor.
HTMLTool v1.64

AOL Press
Microsoft FrontPage

HTML Validator Programs

Spyglass 1.0
WWWC Validator Service

FTP Programs

WS_FTP: FTP Client for Windows Alternate Site
Cute FTP

Some Sites that host Free Web pages

Tri-Cities LOCAL ISPs

www.xtn.net East Tennessee Net
Creating pages at East Tennessee Net

www.intermediatn.net Intermedia Cable

www.mounet.com Mountain Net

www.naxs.com Net Access
Creating Web Pages at Net Access

www.preferred.com Preferred Net
Creating Web Pages at Preferred Internet

www.tricon.net Tri-Cities Connection
Creating Web Pages at Tricon

www.usit.net US Internet
Creating Web Pages at US Internet

Misc Internet Applications
Search Engines
Misc Reference Sites

If your object in creating a web page is mainly just playing around to see if you can create a simple page, or the most fantastic page that includes all the bells and whistles you have seen elsewhere, but with no particular focus or purpose for your page, then feel free to use any tools, format, or browser and include any gee-haw wizzy cool thing, music, video, etc. that trips your trigger. Your main object is to please yourself.

HOWEVER, if your object is to create a useful site that users will want to bookmark and return to because it has something they need, then you will need to consider many things when designing your site. The above sources go into much better detail than I ever could, but I will try to outline some of the main points I think are worth considering here:


last updated November 23, 1999