Ride On Terry!

In further preparation for the 1995 Paris-Brest-Paris Race, Terry Arnold has chalked up two more truly grueling bike events. The first was, Boston-Montreal-Boston, a 750 mile loop with a 90 hour time limit and a total vertical gain of exceeding 30,000 feet. 8/18/94.

The second was a an attempt to set a record crossing of Tennessee- tip to tip. It is closer to travel from Kingsport TN to Canada than it is to Memphis. -ED

9-17-94; Deja Vu. . .and Terry crawls out of bed at 3:00am for another long, long bicycling adventure. This time he was going to make his mark on his home turf by riding from Memphis to Bristol TN non-stop. Al Lewis was driving the support van. Karen (His wife) was tired of this sort of fun and decided to stay home and organize the post-ride pizza party. It's raining again as Terry starts riding at 4:00am (insert your favorite Elvis sighting joke here). Very little traffic this early in Memphis, so the first 100 miles were focused on cranking; average speed progressing upwards and peaking at 19.1 mph for the first 100 miles. At 125 miles Terry crossed the Tennessee River and with only 400 miles to go he stopped for a short food break and leg massage (Al brought along a Geisha girl for the massages). On the road again and now 200 miles down in 11:10. Heading north towards Murfreesboro, darkness was approaching and the lights went back on the bike. Climbing up the Cumberland Plateau, Terry's split time was 17:40, which was about an hour ahead of schedule. Descending the Plateau usually brings max speeds of up to 50 mph, but since it was dark and raining again Terry held it to 35 mph. On towards Oak Ridge and then east to bypass Knoxville, Terry reaches 11 -W at 7:00am Sunday morning. The morning fog lifted to finally bring sunny weather. The plan to make it all the way in without a major stop was thwarted by a strong headwind and rolling hills. A food break in Rogersville and then in for the finish. Only a crash would prevent Terry from making this dream a reality; after 30 hours in the saddle, caution was in order. With the end in sight Terry rolls in to Bristol. After the pizza party Karen hauled him home for a shower, but made him wash his own socks. To our knowledge Terry's times below are the best for a cross Tennessee ride of this type:

Total Time 33hrs, 9min.
Total Distance 515.3 Miles

Overall AVG Speed 15.54
AVG Speed on bike 17.0
Total rest time 2 hrs, 50 min.
Net elevation 1,000 ft.
Total climbing 15,470 ft.