My Mohawk Century
by Dave Calvert

truck stop

Since I didn't really wake up until we got to Baileytown, we'll start this discription there.
Somehow, none of the other riders were at the truckstop, but Millen seems sure of the directions.

There were indeed more wonderful adventures ahead, such as this rare sighting of the east Tennessee Pinkus Flamingus

I forgot to mention, at Baileytown, I purchased a fine piece of disposable photographic equipment thus taking on the mantle of the OFFICAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE 1998 MOHAWK CENTURY.

virtual dog I'll admit that I failed to record one of the most exciting events of the century - the now infamous "Quadra-snarl Dog Pack Chase" just outside Mohawk. Attempts to stage this same event for the photographer on the return trip also failed. Best I could do was record this virutal dog outside near Blair's Gap. Maybe next year.

mohawk post office

Here I provide proof positive (or a positive as you might get in this age of digital image processing) that S. Millen did make it to the Mowhawk Post Office and shortly afterwards...


we finally connected with the rest of the riders at Pearl's Diner, where the special of the day was Pinto Beans and cornbread $2.

Now fully fueled, we turned our bikes east in earnest...

Pearl Out

and headed back to K'port.

'course we made a stop off at the Baileytown Beach Tanning Salon for a pop and a weather update (fearing rain)

Baileyton Beach Tanning Salon
The road back was familiar but enjoyable...The Road and the Mountains
Some of us got some ideas for how and where to spend our Saturday Night... Country Music

Your photographer broke off from the pack 'round about Bays Mountain and trucked home to get ready for a saturday night of zzzzzzzzzz....

Dave Calvert<\center>

(The Mohawk Century is an annual no-frills Fall ride of the KBA. The above is a description of the 10-3-1998 ride where 13 riders took on the challenge. -ed)