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This site consists of over 50 pages, not including another 50 pages of que-sheets.
It currently uses about 5 of the 50MB disk space that is being provided AD free for $4.95/month by the folks who run the Please check out their other services and site users.

This site was constructed as a service to, and a promotion of, the Kingsport Bicycle Association, a service to the Tri-Cities bicycling community in general, and as a learning exercise by it's site keeper, who has been an active club member since 1984.

It was created mainly with simple (really), HTML code with an ascii text editor (MS Notepad!). I am currently using Windows XP and IE 6.0, so it may look different than intended if you are using another brand or version Browser. However, unlike many sites that use all sorts of fancy non standard code that only works with some browsers, I do try to stick with the WWWC standards as much as possible and limited graphics on most pages so that everyone can see thing as I intended and things don't take forever to download. (BTW,the eyes are only about 4k total javascript)

The webmaster holds BS degrees in Computer Science and Industrial Management, is a Certified Microsoft Systems Administrator & CompTIA A+, i-Net+, Network+, Server+, Security+ & Linux+ certified, and has worked for 18 years as a computer systems engineer for a local manufacturing plant. He may be contacted at: heppert AT

Enjoy! -Site Creator Rick Heppert

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