KBA 2001 Photo Gallery

VA Creeper Trail

Richard and Tom
Richard and Tom
Crusin' a Trestle
May 19, 2001

Richard and Don
Richard and Don take a break

Damascus Break
Don, Richard and Tom
Take a Trail Days break

Focus on the Family

Susan and Debbi
Susan and Debbie
Finish Focus on the Family Ride
Jackson to Nashville May 28, 2001

Horsey Hundred

Rick & Doreen
Doreen and Rick
get ready to hit the road May 26, 2001

Break time
Julianne & Jeff
break from counting horses

Holston Dam
Sunday riders take a break on Holston Dam
June 10, 2001

Glendale Springs NC

Saturday Metric
Saturday Metric Start
June 23, 2001

Fresco at St. Mary Episcopal
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Wine Time
Billy and Doreen
relax after the ride

Party Time
With Nathan and Regina's Birthdays
to Celebrate, we went all out

Sunday Blue Ridge
Sundays Start on the
Blue Ridge Parkway

Along the Parkway
Crusin' on the Blue Ridge

BRP Overlook
Overlook along the Blue Ridge Parkway

2001: A Possum Odyssey

Rusty & Tom
Rusty and Tom
took on the challenge

Don Feathers Alan Cochran
Don Feathers & Alan Cochran
model the ride T-shirt

Rusty and Doreen
Rusty and Doreen
Get ready to pedal

starting line
8:30(+) starting lineup

Into the morning sun up 614

Along 614
Further along 614

Up Haynes
Up Haynes

Mary and friends
Mary and friends

Roan Groan II
Rick, Eric, David & Kemper
Reach the top of Roan Mountain
August 11, 2001

Last update August 12, 2001