Article I Name Revised 8/90

The name of this organization shall be KINGSPORT BICYCLE ASSOCIATION

The official colors shall be yellow and blue.

Article II Aims

The aim of this organization shall be to promote the general interest of cycling in all its phases: to encourage, plan, and facilitate touring and other forms of recreational cycling activities; to represent the interests and rights of local cyclist; to cooperate with public authorities in the observance of all traffic regulations; and to advocate the safety, security, proper regulation, and recognition of the bicycle as a vehicle used for recreation, health, and economic transportation.

The Club shall be affiliated with the League of American Wheelmen.

Article III Membership

Membership is open to individuals, families, and businesses, particularly in the Kingsport area, who desire to promote the various Club purposes and bicycling in general.

A Parent or guardian's signature is necessary for approval of membership for those under the age of 18. Each member17 years old and under must be accompanied by a parent or sponsoring adult on all rides.

The fiscal year of the Club shall commence on the first day of November and shall end on the last day of October, of the following calendar year.

Amount of annual dues for the next year is to be decided upon by the outgoing Executive Board before the end of each fiscal year.

Article IV Officers

The following officers shall be elected by the membership. These officers shall constitute the Executive Board: (1) President, (2) Vice-President, (3) Secretary-Treasurer, (4) Ride Coordinator, (5) Trip Coordinator.

The President shall preside at all meetings, appoint committees (with approval of the Executive Board), and act as chairman of Board meetings.

The Vice-President shall assume the President's office and powers in the absence of the President. In the absence of both the President and Vice- President, the Secretary-Treasurer will assume these powers. The Vice-President shall be a member of the Executive Board and may be delegated certain phases of Club activity by the President. The Vice-President shall act as Newsletter Editor and shall be responsible for the regular publications of the Club Newsletter.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep minutes of Club and Executive meetings and maintain the order of Club membership records. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for Club finances -maintain a budget, collect and record dues, and prepare reports of receipts and expenditures.

The Ride Coordinator shall plan rides, appoint ride leaders for all Club rides, and publish a ride schedule.

The Trip Coordinator shall plan out-of-town tours, make arrangements for accommodations, and notify members well in advance of scheduled trips.

Article V Elections

Election of Club Officers shall be held annually at the Fall meeting. An ad hoc nominating committee appointed by the President shall present a list of candidates for the offices to be filled. Additional names may be placed in nomination from the floor immediately prior to the election. A plurality vote shall be necessary to elect.

Artilcle VI Meetings

There shall be two meetings held each year; one scheduled in the early Spring and the other in late Fall. Additional meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the Executive Board. Meetings of the Executive Board shall be called by the President whenever needed.

Article VII Order of Business

The order of business at regular meetings shall be:

1. Call to order
2. Introduction of Officers and welcoming of guests
3. Reading of minutes of previous meeting
4. Unfinished business
5. Report of Officers
6. New Business
7. Announcements
8. Adjournment

Article VIII Guidelines

Expenditures for reimbursement must be approved in advance by the President or Secretary-Treasurer.

New members, upon joining, shall receive from the Secretary-Treasurer:

(1) a Club roster, (2) written safety rules, (3) a copy of the most recent Club newsletter, and (4) a current ride schedule.

A Club newsletter shall be published and issued to members at regular intervals.

Any guest 17 and under must be accompanied on Club rides by an adult sponsor.

Article IX Quorum

A quorum of the membership for the purpose of conducting Club business shall consist of not less than 20 percent of the entire membership.

Article X Amendments

Amendments to this Constitution and By-Laws may be PROPOSED in writing by any member at ANY club meeting, and must be approved by a two-thirds vote of membership at said meeting or by the officers before being brought before the entire membership for consideration. The proposal will be incorporated into this Constitution after a thirty day written notice has been sent to the membership AND after approval by three-quarter vote of the votes cast by the membership in person, or as votes cast by mail or by written proxy.

Article XI Rules

Business meetings will be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order where appropriate.