Follow the exploits of 5 zanny KBAer who decide to take

The 10th Blue Ridge Bridge to Bridge Incredible Cycling Challenge

Lenoir, NC to Grandfather Mountain NC, September 20, 1998

climb to the finish
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Don Horne,
Richard Strang,
Rick Heppert ,
Larry Parkins and
Rick Offerman

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Carbo Loading
Carbo Loading at Ragazzis in Hickory

Don, Larry, Richard, Rick strike a pose

The view from the back of the pack at sun-up

A Past Winner
Center, George Meyer, a multiple Past Winner

900 Riders raring to go

The're Off
The're Off

"Could I interest you in a banana, mister?"
One of many dedicated aid-station workers

Richard pumps up NC-181

Larry and Rick get a good view of their final destination

Larry disappears across the Linn Cove Viaduct
Larry: "Gosh this is 'beutful'"

And now for a little speed

Only 2 miles left!

So Close, Yet So Far
So Close, Yet So Far

The Finish Line
Pumping up to the finish


Mile High Swinging Bridge

Post ride Pose

Conservationist and naturalist John Muir provided this recollition of his 1892 trip to, and climb up, Grandfather Mountain: I couldn't hold it in, and began to jump about and sing and glory in it all. Then I happened to look around and catch sight of Sargent, standing there as cool as a rock, with a half-amused look on his face at me, but never saying a word.

"Why don't you let yourself out at a sight like that?" I ask.
"I don't wear my heart on my sleeve" he retorted.
"Who cares where you wear your little heart, mon" I cried. "There you stand in the face of all Heaven come to earth, like a critic of the universe, as if to say, 'Come, Nature, bring on the best you have, I'm from Boston!"

Of the trip through the region Muir said: "The drive from Roan Mountain to Lenoir, 75 miles, is I think the finest in America of its kind."

He should have tried it on a bicycle.


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