Leave from UHS on SR-91, on the left 4 miles East off 19E just north of Elizabethton
Leave from parking area right at the Left enterance

Mileage TURN	Road

   0	L	Depart East on SR-91/ Stony Creek (~1500')
 2.4		5-lane becomes 3-lane  
 6.2		3-lane becomes 2-lane 
11.5		begin climbing. About 5% average grade (Roan is 6.5-7.5%)
14.3		Enter Johnson County. Appalachian Trail crosses 91. Enter Shady Valley. 3514'
16.0		begin flats
18.0	S	Cross 421 at stop light. Begin North-133. Stores on left and right. 2786'
27.8		pass through Backbone Rock
30.4		Enter Damascus  (Shady Av. - 716)
31.4		turn onto Main St./ Hwy 58.  Find Food.  
		(there are many good place in Damascus to chow down.  In The Country,
		Old Mill, Cowboys, Italian, Chineese, Dairy King)
(32.0)	(U)	stay on 58 to In the Country on the left (breakfast/lunch/dinner) 
		---Return Same Route---   
32.6		head south on Shady Av. -716  1978'
34.1		TN State Line, begin SR-133
43.1		Enter Shady Valley
45.9	S	Store. Cross 421 at light. Begin SR-91
47.9		begin Climbing.  5-7% grade
49.6		mountain top
52.6		flattens out
57.8		begin 3-lane
61.6		begin 5-lane
64.0	R	Finish at Unaka High School. 3737' climbing