PINEY FLATS to SOUTH HOLSTON DAM  40, (32,24,20 shortcuts short of dam)
Leaves from Piney flats Bicycle Shop : Bring your own snacks/drinks
=====================================  10-90 / 1-10
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Cumulative Turn ROAD
 0.0     R      Old Jonesboro Rd
 0.3     L      Over speed bump Into parking lot as Jonesborough Rd turns right   
 0.35    L      over cable, up hill through recycling bins, right through parking lot to road
 0.4     L      Industrial Park Rd
 2.1     R      Rock Lane
 2.3    RR      Tracks @ bottom of dip
 2.5     L      @T Mountain View Road
 3.4     R      @T Hwy 19E
 3.5     L      Elizabethton Hwy- Store on left
 3.7     R      Mountain View Road
 4.7     L      @T Old Elizabethton Hwy
 4.9     R      Tate Road
 5.6     L      @stop onto Timber Ridge Road
 5.7     R      @stop onto Dry Branch Road
 7.2     BL     @ triangle with Hwy 44
 9.7            Webb Gro. on right (20m shortcut on Left: Old Weaver Pike to WEBB BRIDGE)
12.0            Big Springs Rd short cut on Left to WEBB BRIDGE (total 24.2 miles)
14.5     S      @ Stop onto Beidleman Creek Road
14.7     R      Emmett Road (short cut straight to Sugar Hollow: total 32.5 miles)
15.9     S      @ stop onto Meadow Creek (short to right on Holston View Dam Road)
16.6     R      @T onto South Holston Dam Road
18.2            DAM
18.5     S      South Holston View Dam Road to top of dam
19.5            Top of South Holston Dam
19.7            RESTSTOP @Overlook information Building- water, restrooms
19.7     U      Turn around / head back down
20.9     L      Service Road to Osceola Island
22.1            Osceola Island Rec. Area Parking lot
22.6     L      Emmett Road
23.8     R      @T BEIDLEMAN CREEK Road
24.0     L      Sugar Hollow Road
24.2     S      Sugar Hollow Road- Cross Hwy 44
25.7     L      @stop Bullock Hollow Road
30.0     L      @Yield Riverside Road
30.8     R      @WEBB BRIDGE onto Old Weaver Pike Road- then IMMEDIATE left
30.85    L      continue West on Riverside Road
34.1     L      @T Silver Grove Road
35.4     L      @light Hwy390 - Cross Bridge/Boone Lake into Bluff City
36.4     R      Lakeview Drive - Becomes Weaver Branch Road
39.1     L      Poplar Ridge Road at ridge top
                Optional R onto Webb Road. Great downhill straight to shop.
40.3     R      11E
40.4     L      Old Jonesboro Road
40.6     R      Arrive back at Piney Flats Bicycle Shop