John Adam's Elementary (or Jay Tanner's) to Bowmantown (40, R)  7/2010

Miles Turn  Road / Comments
0.00	R   Right on Rock Springs leaving John Adams Elementary School
             (alternate start, leave Tanner’s back yard onto Foxport,
              Right on Hidden Acres, Left on Rock Springs)

 0.5    BR  Continue on Rock Springs Road
 1.7    L   Dark Hollow Road
 2.5    L   @T onto Fordtown Road
 2.7    R   @Y onto Harmony
 7.3    L   @crossroads Continue on Harmony
 8.1    L   Woodmont Rd
10.5    R   @T onto AA Deacon Rd
10.8    R   Highway 75 / Sulpher Springs
13.9    X   Cross Highway 81 – becomes Bowmantown Rd
            Trailblazer Market on left
17.6    R   Saylor Hill Road
20.5    R   @T Carson Creek Road
20.8    R   Baskett Road
21.9    L   @T Skipper Ridge Road @Providence
22.3    R   Glendale Rd
23.1    L   Ducktown Road
26.4    R   @T Old Snapps Ferry
26.8    R   Malone / Simpson (rough road)
28.6        Changes to Butchertown Road (smooth divided)
29.6    X   Cross Highway 81 on to Painter Road
33.1    L   Kincheloe Road
33.7    R   @Y Logan Chapel Road
        BL  with road @ Logan Chapel UMC
34.7    R   @T Fordtown Road
36.0    L   Link Road
36.5    R   Double Springs Road
38.1        Becomes Rock Springs Road
39.5        (to Jay's- Right @ Hidden Acres Rd, L @ Foxport)
39.7    L   Edinburgh Channel Rd
40.5        Finish at School