Ride leaves from Jonesborough Visitors Ctr. Parking Lot
TCRC Ride by Hal Range - updated 11/2009

MILE	TURN	STREET/ROAD (miles to next turn)
 0.00	R	BOONE ST. (.12m) 
 0.12	R	@T  E MAIN ST. for very short distance (.02m) 
 0.14	L	FOX AVE. (.16m) 
 0.20		cross RR tracks 
 0.30	L	@ stop sign  S. CHEROKEE ST. (.48m) 
 0.78	R	FORESTVIEW RD. (.68m) 
 1.46	VL	@ stop sign  cross W. MAIN ST./HWY. 81 onto RIDGECREST RD. (2.66m)  
		steep hill, bike signs, and scenic view  
 4.05	VR	@ stop sign  staying on RIDGECREST dangerous down hill stop  
		do not follow bike signs at next turn  
 4.12	R	@ stop sign  BACON BRANCH RD. (.22m) short distance  
 4.34	L	SLITER RD. (1.03m) scenic, and steep curve  
 5.37	R	SPIDER BARNES ROAD (.42m) scenic 
 5.79	S	@ stop sign  cross CONKLIN RD onto MILLER RD. (.90m) 
 6.69	R	MILLER RD. (.84m) 
 7.53	S	@ stop sign  cross NEW VICTORY RD. onto TELFORD SCHOOL RD. (1.05m)  
		Telford cannery  
 8.47	VR	steep down hill staying on TELFORD SCHOOL RD.  
 8.58	L	hill HOG EYE RD. (1.06m) scenic  
 9.64	S/L	@ stop sign  BILL WEST RD. (.89m) follow bike signs  
 9.70	vR	staying on BILL WEST RD. scenic, @Tweed Road  
10.01		billygoat farm 
10.53	S	@ stop sign  cross WASHINGTON COL. RD. onto JARRETT RD. (1.12m)  
		follow bike signs  
11.64		JARRETT RD. turns into HORACE DILLOW RD. bike signs  
11.65	R	BUD BALL RD. (.77m) scenic, bike signs  
12.42	L	@T  HWY. 353/BAILEY BR. RD. (.27m) bike signs  
12.69	R	LESTER SNAPP RD. (1.39m) scenic, bike signs  
13.15 - 13.35	dangerous curves and a long climb  
13.88		360 panoramic view, take a break SCENIC!!!  
		New Salmen Baptist church (1848)  
13.98	S/L	@ stop sign  LESTER SNAPP RD. do not follow bike signs  
14.08	S	@ stop sign  HWY. 353 S/BAILEY BR. RD. (.23m)
14.31	L       LOLA HUMPHERYS (1.10m) scenic 
  "  	S       OPTIONAL straight to Nick's Place on Right at about 15 m.(closed)
15.41	R	@T  HORACE DILLOW RD. (1.43m) scenic 
16.35		OK corral 
16.84	S/R	CONKLIN RD. (.10m) do not follow the bike signs  
16.94	S/L	CHARLIE DILLOW RD. (.67m) scenic 
17.61	R	@T  JACKSON BRIDGE RD. (.54m) scenic 
18.06		Nolichuckey River 
18.15	L	after bridge  CHARLIE CARSON RD. (2.29m) scenic 
20.44	L	@T  HWY. 107 (2.02m) traffic 
22.46		Rest Stop: Crossroads Country Store
                        (Optional river loop 37.5 miles)  
22.46	L	@ stop sign  HWY. 81 NORTH (2.64m) Jonesborough sign  
22.70		Nolichuckey River 
23.36		Lamar Elementary School 
25.10	R	GREENWOOD DR. (1.35m) 
26.45	L	@T  OLD EMBREEVILLE RD. (2.55m) climb and bike signs  
29:00	R	STAGE RD. (.63m) scenic 
29.56		RR tracks 
29.63	L	@T  SPRING ST. (.48m) 
30.11	S	@ stop sign  cross E MAIN ST. onto BOONE ST. (0.12m) 
30.23	L	Visitors' Center Parking Lot