Burnsville Metric - Clockwise

                   Marked in Pink arrows in 2011

      Total      Next      Notes                            4/30/2011
      Miles      turn    
      0.0        1         WEST. Main St to 19-E from Town Square/Nu-Wray Inn Start
      1.0        2.4       Right on new 19-E
      3.4        2.1       Right onto Cane River Middle School Road
      5.5        8.6       Right onto Hwy 19-W
     14.1        6         bear Right across bridge to stay on 19-W
                              (You will stay with a river for 20+ miles)
                         * STORE to LEFT at Amoco (with Restroom)
     20.1         .4       REST STOP; Egypt Volunteer Fire Station; restroom inside    
     20.5        3.9       Right on Huntdale Road
     24.4        2.8     * Left to cross bridge at Peterson's STORE; Huntdale (portajohn-L)
     27.2         .5       go under RR trestle, then right to stay with river
     30.8        1.5       Left to cross bridge; then left; the bustling burgh of Relief
                         * STORE on right next to Post Office
     30.8      OPTION      Right follow JACK'S CREEK ROAD for 43 MILE ROUTE.
     32.3        4.5       Left at STOP to stay with river; this is Green Mountain
     36.0                  cross bridge, cross RR tracks
     36.8        3.1     * @T Right onto 226 at Red Hill Store; (portajohn-R)
     39.9                  Optional Right onto Hwy. 80/226A at loafers Glory -2.2miles
     42.0                  Right on Baker in Bakersville REST STOP or straight to 226
     42.1                  Left with Baker at Ridgeview against One Way
     42.4                  Right @T South Mitchell Avenue
     42.7                  BRight South 226  STORE
     43.0                  Lees Country Cafe Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
     43.4                  Right Duck Branch Rd./Rt1190
     44.8                  Left @T NC 80/226A / Mine Creek Rd
     46.9                  Bandana
     49.2                  Kona; what a view!
     52.6                  river crossing at Booneford
     54.9         .2       Right, then cross river
                           Rest Stop
     55.3        3.9       @T Right onto Hwy 19-E; Newdale
     58.5        1.3       Right onto Burnsville School Road
     59.8         .8       Right onto Hwy 19-E
     60.6                  bear Right onto East Main Street.
     62.0                  Finish
                           Town Center (Restrooms)

Burnsville: 1 1/2 hour drive from Kingsport: Main St. Exit 32 off I-26, left then right
    to Erwin.  Left Hwy 107 (NC 226) to Red Hill STORE then Right 197 SOUTH to
    Burnsville.  2nd left after RR Xing along river (197 S.). Right @T @light onto 19E. 
    Bear right East Main or R at Bowditch to Square. 
    Slightly less travel TIME via I-26 & 19E.
    Garmin has other ideas too :)